X experts are better than one!


We know from personal experience, that a single agency often simply is not able to implement entire projects perfectly. The common flaw with the 360° concept is that individual areas often fall by the wayside.

tina is no agency. Our partners – consisting of companies and experts – provide extensive knowledge and support for your project: By implementing the concept of the collective. This means cooperation without elbows, instead we work hand in hand. By relying on our strengths, each one of us individually, and exploiting them one hundred percent. 

X experts are better than one. Because X times 100% is better than one 99%.

Business Development

Design & Graphics



Web Development

Content Creation

You can work with one of us or all of us


We are a flexible collective that offers its services according to the requirements of each client.

Each member of our collective shines with deep knowledge and extensive experience in their specific area of expertise.

Our competencies complement each other and cover all services and additional services of conventional agencies.

You can work with one of us or all of us. 

Okay, but who is tina anyway?


I am tina. My colleague John is tina. And when you work on your next project with us, you will be tina, too. 

tina means fate, destiny and the best of all worlds. This Is No Accident – it’s a collective!